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We are BizzSupport Group

Our idea of providing a high standard of living for people in Pakistan began around 20 years ago. C&W Developers keep on providing the best services to our clients Our primary success component is exceptional client care and expert speculation across the board; we provide our whole attention and centre to all clients and financial experts, maintaining their objectives in front of all to build long length relationships.
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We are BizzSupport Group

We strive for the greatest ethical standards, which we define as "doing the right thing" for the environment in which we operate. We continually uphold high standards and strive to maximise value for our clients while never sacrificing quality, honesty, or delivery. We have won clients thanks to our flawless preparation and implementation details.


We provide all kinds of construction and building services and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take challenges and bring them to a conclusion.





You will have a meeting with one of our consultants and discuss all the details regarding your future project.

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You will have a meeting with one of our consultants and discuss all the details regarding your future project.

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C&W Marketing focusing luxury real estate services focused on the sale and rent in Islamabad, Rawalpindi,  and primarily focused on residential and commercial areas.  C&W Marketing is known for its professional expertise and excellent customer support and property consultation by the locality senior most expert. We are a modern, dynamic company that combines technical know-how and knowledge of international and local property markets with a customer-first philosophy. C&W Marketing has become a genuine representative of the sub-continental life by offering select domestic real estate infused with the cravings and physiognomies of the sub-tropical region’s landscape, design, architecture, and culture. C&W Marketing has a clear goal of providing its consumers of any origin with a collection of the very most exemplary real estate markets of  Rawalpindi and Islamabad,  C&W Marketing makes sure that our service aligns in each case with the bespoke needs of our clients. Underlying this service are the values of providing long-term vision, transparency, confidentiality, personalization, quality, knowledge, and innovation in the real estate domain. 

C&W Marketing also provides its high net worth clients and investors to search from luxury to affordable budget properties for sale and rent across Pakistan. We offer critical real estate brokerage and surveying services to private buyers and investors, embassies, trusts, and foundations. We offer a portfolio of exclusive residential properties and investment and commercial real estate for sale and to let.  With decades of experience in the sale and purchase of properties in  Rawalpindi/Islamabad.  C&W Marketing serves clients the safety of a respectable, competent, and reliable partner. Our staff comprises seasoned real estate consultants, economists, designers, engineers, and architects to exceed our clients’ expectations.


A postgraduate from London Metropolitan University with a dissertation in Location Based Marketing. I is responsible for giving strategic guidance and direction to the board to ensure that the Company achieves its financial vision, mission and long term goals. A very humble goal orientated human being. He thinks out of the box as he has been working all around the world since the past 15 years.

Touseef Ijaz

Project Head

I believes there is no shortcut to success, it takes a lot of patience and the will to learn, alongside practical experience and out-of-the-box thinking to become successful. I believe in a strong mindset and evolving is the key to success. I have more than 20 years of experience within the real estate sector and have delivered some of the best and most iconic high-rise projects for both the residential and commercial sectors across all major cities of Pakistan and the Middle East. My mission is to make the impossible, possible and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction to all clients and investors.

Sheraz Aziz


Great Experiences Build Great Brands.


We work for years and have gained a reputation of credible and reliable company. We managed to expand our activity throughout North America and have some offices overseas. BizzSupport has a long and interesting history.


We know that to deliver better services to our clients we should use the latest technologies. We successfully implement them in our work and integrate to traditional ones.


BizzSupport’s team is the heart of the company. A lot of of our teammembers work here for many years and achieved success in their professions. They are real experts and talented people who love their job and do it on the highest level.


CNW Developers is a conglomerate with an exceptional and rapidly growing portfolio in the commercial real estate sector. We firmly believe in our values and our skill in providing the highest quality services.

Our pride is amazing client care and expert services in interior designing. Our total consideration and expert advice is the key factor in our services.


Our priority is to always deliver top-notch quality without work. While others just try to make verbal promises, we act on them and make it a reality. From fundamental elements such as bricks to final elements such as power cables, every material is of top-most quality. Our client’s satisfaction is the only goal we pursue.


Innovation is the core principle that our design team works with. Introducing new and unique construction designs is what we are all about. From location to layout, we make sure our clientsget the most enticing and appealing infrastructure.


Approaching each project with the purpose to create something wonderful is what makes us stand out from others. To build something entirely different from the ordinary. To be unique and interesting is what our motto stands for. To deliver everything new and exciting makes our purpose meaningful.


Our Strategy

Innovative Solutions and Ideas

We constantly monitor all innovations on construction market and use them in our work.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest equipment, materials, technologies and developments to deliver better service.

Impressive Design Solutions

Our talented and experienced designers can create any project in any style.

Our mission

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Leading company in Building and Civil Construction


Working with us

We aspire to the highest standards of ethical behavior which means “focusing on the right thing” within the environment we operate.  We maintain quality, integrity and delivery on time to maximize value for our clients and for that reason have a strong client base.

Our team

Our Big Community

Meet our talented, skilled and friendly team! These are people who create all our projects. Together we do one major and important job – design, construction and building for people.

Steven Jackson


Steven co-founded BizzSupport in 1990. Steven is constantly discovering new solutions to issues that arise during the work process and

Frank Roberts

Senior Foreman

Frank is in charge of all our workers. He joined us in 2006 and managed to organize a close-knit team.

Andrew Rooney

Remodeling Consultant

With a decade at BizzSupport and a lifetime in the industry, Andrew Rooney has been an invaluable part of our

Nick Holmes

Project Manager

Nick managed the warehouse for 2 years and was promoted to be a Project Manager. He values customer service and


Working with BizzSupport is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. I am completely satisfied with my project. I selected BizzSupport…
Mary Scott
Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself. BizzSupport is a team of like-minded people who indeed love their job.…
Adam Smith
I selected BizzSupport among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself.…
Tom Ford

Our Partners


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